Leverage AI Today to Support Larger Enterprise AI Adoption

By MBO Partners | March 25, 2024

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Key Points

Like previous big technology changes, AI adoption across the enterprise takes time and expertise.

Leveraging AI, by our definition, can take place quickly as it does not require the intense activities of adoption, nor does it have to be enterprise wide.

Tap into the expertise of the independent workforce to help leverage AI and contribute into the larger adoption initiative.

“Adopting AI” is a big deal, not only in terms of the business imperative but also in terms of what it takes for an enterprise to do it. Like previous big technology changes, AI adoption must be planned, trained, tested, secured, and maintained. This takes time and expertise, and for many companies, the race is on to put robust and safe AI tools in place.

While the big adoption effort is underway, there are ways that enterprises can “leverage AI.” We are using that term to mean tools that can be implemented today (i.e., this year). Leveraging AI, by our definition, does not require the intense activities of adoption, nor does it have to be enterprise wide. It can offer advantages that help the enterprise adopt AI quickly and effectively.

How Leveraging AI Can Support the Larger Adoption Initiative

While the necessary activities for AI adoption are underway, AI can be leveraged in smaller initiatives. Here are some examples.

Test Tools

Leveraging AI can allow the enterprise to test different AI tools and processes in limited settings. You can get fast results and feedback that influence AI adoption efforts.

Master New Workflows

Focus on a few key workflows that can be streamlined and more productive in functions that are friendly to AI. Master these and apply your learnings from the process to improve future actions.

Get the Hang of AI Data Analysis

Data analysis is one of the biggest capabilities touted by AI experts. The ability to analyze vast amounts of data, produce insights, and offer predictions at speed takes some getting used to. The quality of results will rely heavily on the humans interacting with the AI, and those humans need practice. Start with areas that can benefit immediately from the results—gap analysis? risk analysis?—and go from there.

Start Acclimation to AI

One of the biggest challenges in any major technological effort is uptake by the workforce. There are many questions about how AI will affect jobs and what it will take to incorporate it into day-to-day work. Leveraging AI now will help workers get familiar with it on the job and address any concerns they may have. This can pave the way for smooth AI adoption when the time comes.

Independent Talent Will Be Your Secret Sauce

Our report about AI and independents revealed that the independent workforce is engaged and ready with the skills you need to leverage the technology. These workers are a large and growing source of experienced, on-demand talent that can augment existing AI capabilities and introduce innovative ways of using AI.

Engage independents with needed AI skills to:

  • Work on a leveraging strategy
  • Identify specific use cases
  • Define performance criteria
  • Create and manage projects
  • Train teams
  • Determine the best data sources for analysis
  • Ensure data security and information protection
  • Evaluate results and offer recommendations

Based on insights gained during the leveraging projects, these independents can contribute significantly to the larger AI adoption initiative.


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