Digital Nomads: Advancing the Next Way of Working


MBO Partners has just released new data on the growth of Digital Nomads as part of its 2021 State of Independence report. Learn more about this dynamic and fast-growing population of 15.5 million workers that has grown more than 100% since 2019.

2021 Digital Nomad Brief

Embrace the Digital Nomad Trend

Create a Corporate Digital Nomad Policy

Use our best practices to create a corporate digital nomad policy that meets your needs. Download our policy outline to begin creating your digital nomad requirements.

Make Working with Digital Nomads Easy

Ensure you are able to meet the requirements for employing or working with digital nomads. Embrace the shift in remote work by engaging nomads compliantly, with reduced risk and seamless payment processing.


Digital Nomads: A Workforce Trend to Watch

DIGITAL NOMAD [dij-i-tl noh-mad]

Workers who live a location agnostic, technology enabled lifestyle, traveling while living and working away from their home for extended periods of time. This population of 15.5 million American workers is growing rapidly and is composed of both traditional employees and independent professionals of all ages, races and career fields.


Get up to date on the latest analyses of this growing trend of remote workers

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Your Company Needs a Digital Nomad Policy

Over the past three years, Emergent Research and MBO Partners have collaborated on an extensive digital nomad study.

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Top 10 Reasons Why Digital Nomads are Thriving in 2023

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New Ways to Work Anywhere in the World

Covid-19 has changed the way digital nomads do their jobs far from home, and who decides to live their lives on the road.


Coherent, explicit digital nomad programs make it easier to hire these in-demand workers and engage, reward, and retain existing employees who wish to travel. The programs can also include policies for hiring freelance nomads, who are less likely to create legal or regulatory problems because they aren't traditional employees.

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- MBO Partners CEO Miles Everson

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Digital Nomads: A Workforce Trend to Watch

MBO has been following the Digital Nomad trend since 2018.  Access our previous Digital Nomads reports below.

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