The Weekly Independent: September 20, 2021

The Weekly Independent

Being a successful independent contractor or a Client of Choice isn’t just about doing the best work or having the best perks. It also means staying one step ahead of the curve. That’s why each week we bring you The Weekly Independent, a quick-hit digest of news of note from around the web. Value Penguin…

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5 Books for Remote Workers


If you’re one of the many independent professionals who work remotely, you know how great the flexibility can be. The ability to personalize your work space, take ownership over how you complete your work, and finding routines that work for you are great perks. But all benefits aside, it can still be a challenge to…

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Improve Workforce Management with a Chief Freelance Officer

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Freelancers, independent contractors, gig workers, entrepreneurs, etc. create the independent workforce and are changing the way we view and understand work. Today, millions of Americans report working full-time providing professional services. The large majority of these workers have chosen this path of independence and are happy with their choice. From the perspective of enterprises, there…

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The U.S. Independent Workforce Increased by 34% Since 2020


Although many things about work have changed over the past year and a half, one of the defining moments of this time may very well be the dramatic shift to freelance and independent work during the coronavirus pandemic. In its 11th annual State of Independence in America survey, workforce solutions provider MBO Partners revealed that many…

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It’s Time to Embrace the Agile Workforce

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Independent contractors offer many strategic benefits to businesses, but the most evident and exciting trend I’m seeing is how independent contractors are being used to enable some forward-thinking businesses to challenge more “traditional” working models. When used optimally, independent contractors allow businesses to drive growth and reduce overheads by creating an accessible and agile workforce…

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Small Business Outlook – Entrepreneurship Beckons


We first reported an uptick in startups about a year ago. And now a new study from MBO Partners® shows that 2021’s economic recovery and changing attitudes about work has driven an increase in the number of independent workers to 51.1 million, “an unprecedented 34% rise in workers taking the leap to independent careers.” MBO Partners calls…

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4 Reasons Companies Hire Independent Contractors

How to Make Business Decisions as an Independent Contractor

Companies often hire independent contractors when they either need outside talent who have skilled expertise or their need is only temporary.  Today’s workforce ecosystem is incredibly diverse. Enterprises are building dynamic teams with a mix of salaried employees and contract or freelance talent. And the contingent worker side of this equation is quickly growing as…

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3 Ways to Increase Contingent Worker Retention

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Contingent workers offer enterprises many benefits including on-demand expertise, staffing flexibility, and better control over employment costs. Today, an increasing number of Americans are choosing to work independently for the many lifestyle and professional benefits it offers. At the same time, businesses are having a hard time finding the skilled professionals that they need. That’s…

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