Thanks, TikTok: Why Your Feed Is Full of Creators


Social media influencers, now better known as creators, have, in some ways, taken over platforms this year. You can’t scroll your feed without seeing some creator talking about their latest favorite skincare product. Experts say creators have become the backbone of social media this past year, and platforms are taking note and following the creator…

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How to Stay Competitive as an Independent Contractor

consultants shaking hands in front of grou

One of the most common fears as an independent contractor is the constant uncertainty of industry competition and how you are faring compared to other businesses. This is a legitimate concern, as what your competitors are doing can dramatically impact your ability to earn or maintain current clients. The first step in staying on top…

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Post-COVID Workforce Trends Driving the Labor Market

Hunt Scanlon

According to the BTG report, hand in hand with the Great Resignation, the Great Realization is a workforce trend in which “workers are re-examining the way they choose to pursue careers, find professional and personal fulfillment, and manage their income and lifestyles.” This isn’t a completely new development. As tracked by MBO Partners’ State of Independence Report, the…

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