4 Ways to Mitigate Misclassification Risk through Compliance

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Mitigating misclassification risk is a top priority when engaging independent contractors and complying with complex federal and state laws can mitigate that risk. The modern workforce has seen a dramatic shift away from the salaried 9-5 employee, and towards a mosaic of independent contractors engaged by enterprises for specific projects. While the gig economy is…

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5 Ways a Healthcare Company Streamlined Contractor Onboarding (Case Study)


Vertical: Healthcare | Type: Workforce Management Independent professionals today are increasingly self-assured in the value they bring to the table. In fact, among independents who make more than $100,000 annually, more than 90 % say they have a lot or some choice in picking the clients they work with. That means there is stiff competition…

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How to Start a Successful Consulting Business

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More than 64.4 million Americans work independently as consultants, freelancers, independent contractors, gig workers, and more. If you’re working independently and are thinking of pursuing your endeavor fulltime, you’re not alone. Full-time self-employment continues to be a viable and attractive option for many professionals, especially those with in-demand skills. Any career change marks a major moment,…

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Facebook Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

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Social media can play an important role in marketing your small business, providing you with the opportunity to use the same tools and access the same online audience as a large company. Facebook is a great way to connect with your audience on a more personal level, provide potential customers with information about your business, and…

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3 Risk Management Strategies for Contractor Engagement

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Worker misclassification  is important to keep in mind if your business is currently using or considering using independent contractors. Managing contingent workers is quite different from maintaining a workforce of traditional employees. Specific rules, laws, and tests apply. Treating an independent contractor as an employee can result in costly legal consequences. Knowing how to reduce…

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9 Ways to Increase Productivity When You’re Self Employed

Staying productive can be tough as an independent contractor. Besides the usual distractions of a chirping inbox or the siren’s call of social media, there’s the added layer of working remotely— where there’s always something else vying for your attention. Minimizing distractions, lowering your stress levels, and staying organized will go far in boosting your…

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Staff Spotlight: Nicole Cieslicki: Sr. Director of International Services

Meet Nicole Sieslicki, Senior Director of International Services for MBO Partners. Nicole helps MBO continue allowing our clients to do the work they love, the way they want, each and every day. Read our exclusive interview with Nicole to learn more about how she always works with integrity and towards goals she believes have meaning and purpose.

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