Beeline And MBO Partners® Announce Partnership to Facilitate Direct Sourcing of Independent Professional Talent

MBO Partners

This first-of-its-kind partnership enables enterprises to access top independent talent faster and more cost-efficiently than ever before   Ashburn, VA – March 21, 2023 – MBO Partners, the world’s largest direct sourcing platform for professional independent talent, and Beeline, the global leader in software solutions for managing the non-employee workforce, today announced a partnership to help…

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6 Reasons Why Pay Equity Matters

Pay equity, the practice of compensating workers in similar roles with comparable pay regardless of demographic factors, is a legal requirement in most states for full-time employees. The Great Resignation has led to a worker-driven market, and a strong commitment to pay equity across your total workforce is a competitive factor in today’s market. How…

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6 Reasons to Re-Engage Talent as Part of a Direct Sourcing Strategy

Our research has revealed that enterprises engage highly compensated and in-demand skill sets for their contingent labor programs to address talent shortages and the inability to find full-time employees qualified for the roles being filled. Though financial considerations are a part of the reasons for engaging contingent labor, these five rated higher than cost in…

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3 Ways to Make Direct Sourcing Program Progress 


Achieving the business benefits of an effective direct sourcing program requires some adjustments within the enterprise in terms of how it relates to independent professionals. As this portion of the workforce continues to grow, its members—independent business owners as well as independent talent—are interested in more than pay rates. They want to grow their businesses,…

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