What Independent Digital Content Creators Can Bring to Your Enterprise

By MBO Partners | February 7, 2024

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Key Points

Digital content creators have become an integral part of the digital environment.

Enterprises have the opportunity to add talented creators to their independent worker pool.

Their addition to project teams can help bring fresh insights and capabilities to the work.

Digital content creators are a unique group of independent professionals. Combining interesting content with technical prowess, they have become an integral part of the digital environment. Primarily monetizing their businesses through a mix of advertising revenue, sponsorships, subscriptions, and product sales, creators in the US now number around 8 million people.

According to our research, that population has not only plateaued (it’s down slightly from 2023) but 46% report finding it difficult to be successful in the Creator Economy. This may present an opportunity for enterprises to add talented creators to their independent worker pool.

Creators Can Contribute to Marketing and More

An enterprise-creator connection can reap several business benefits.  Marketing initiatives in particular can increase effectiveness when creators are engaged for digital projects, particularly related to social media.

An innovative enterprise can extend beyond such benefits into other parts of the organization. Training courses, worker onboarding, and customer support content are some examples of non-marketing projects to which content creators could make valuable contributions.

5 Skill Areas that Content Creators Bring to the Table

Talented digital content creators are adept in skill areas that can help enterprises. Their addition to project teams can help bring fresh insights and capabilities to the work.

Here are five skill areas where creators can excel:

1. They are creative communicators

Competing successfully in the creator economy requires well-honed communication skills along with the ability to come up with novel ways of conveying their message. These skills can help improve communications within and outside the organization.

2. They know how to tell a story

Whether it’s a 30-second TikTok post or a 5-minute YouTube piece, a digital content creator understands the elements of storytelling. This talent can help “glue” audiences to enterprise content in the competition for readers’ eyes.

3. They understand production values

Technical prowess is important for digital content creation and many creators have learned about the ingredients of effective videos literally on the job. In some cases, creators can serve as one-person production shops, producing effective content, both in terms of costs and results.

4. They know the ins and outs of different social media platforms

Creators understand that digital content is not a one-size-fits-all proposition. Different platforms have different formats and different audiences and creators can tailor their content to match. In an enterprise they can help focus social media marketing projects on a platform-by-platform basis, likely improving project results.

5. They know how to reach a large portion of consumers

With 65% of digital content creators in the Gen Z/Millennial generations, they can connect to this group of consumers on a peer-to-peer level. They understand how to speak to these consumers and how to influence them to take a desired action. This obviously helps marketing initiatives, and can also be useful for talent acquisition efforts focused on younger workers.


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