Bryan Peña Shares Legal Insights – December 2020

By MBO Partners | December 7, 2020

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In this short video, Brian Peña—Chief of Market Strategy at MBO—summarizes legal insights from a recent enterprise webinar he hosted. These topics include: background checks, term limits, post-election predictions, and term limits.

Background checks have become a frequently-sighted issue for many enterprises. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many courthouses are closed and background checks are taking much longer than anticipated. This puts a strain on organizations that are looking to bring workers on board quickly. Peña recommends that businesses review their current background check practices to identify what is truly necessary and what can be bypassed.

Peña touches on the merits and failures of AB5 and how the passage of Prop 22 in California changes the scope of AB5. In terms of how the election may affect the independent economy and the independent workforce, Peña says to anticipate less independent-friendly positions from the Biden administration.

Peña concludes by discussing term limits, saying they have a time and a place but are not a cure-all for co-employment. Term limits often maximize the issue of co-employment among multiple people or contribute to lengthy business processes.

Stay tuned for more legal webinars throughout 2021.

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