The MBO Culture Reflects an Environment of Belonging


Our mission is to create an inclusive environment for diverse talent where people can be their authentic self and engage in a culture of belonging.

Diversity Supports our Success

At MBO, we make diversity, equity and inclusion part of everything we do. We know that it is our diverse backgrounds, experiences and viewpoints that contribute to our continued success, as we create a culture of belonging. This is reflected in how we treat our clients, our independent workforce and our employees.

MBO Diversity


We are strongly motivated by a set of core beliefs and principles of success to ensure everyone reaches their full potential - for our independent workforce, our enterprise clients and for our employees. We invite you to join us on this important journey where every individual, regardless of background or identity, has equal access to opportunities and can thrive in their chosen careers.


MBO Corporate employees participate in sessions and courses regarding active ally-ship, inclusive culture, preventing unconscious bias, and the development and retention of diverse leaders. We conduct regular reviews of our own company culture to identify areas of improvement to ensure that our internal practices align with our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.


Our company principles and behaviors underpin how we empower our team to fulfill our mission and reflect our values every day. These are not simply statements on a website, these principles are reviewed and discussed in our weekly company-wide huddles and are a fundamental approach to the way we lead each day, starting with the Golden Rule, treating others, as you wish to be treated, as well as communicate with candor and empathy, and teams that trust each other thrive. We invite you to learn more at mbopartners.com/culture/.

The MBO DEI Statement Team of Collaborators

  • Mick Lee

    Mick Lee
    CAO, Executive Sponsor

  • Amy O'Donnell

    Amy O’Donnell
    Chief Talent Officer

  • Monica Jackson

    Monica Jackson

  • Cameron Griffith

    Cameron Griffith
    Business Transformation Manager

  • Camilo Granados

    Camilo Granados
    Product Manager, JobDiva

  • Cori McKee

    Cori McKee
    Vice President, Enterprise Solutions

  • David Cho

    David Cho
    Senior Product Manager

  • Jayaprakash Arathala

    Jayaprakash Arathala
    Payroll Specialist

  • John Devlin

    John Devlin
    Vice President, Enterprise Solutions

  • Keaton Swett

    Keaton Swett
    Vice President, Product

  • Kelly Beckner

    Kelly Beckner
    Vice President, Human Resources and Administration

  • Solani Gupta

    Saloni Gupta
    HR Generalist

  • Mahesh Menon

    Mahesh Menon
    Managing Director

  • Mani Parakkat

    Mani Parakkat
    Managing Director

  • Kelly Elrod

    Kelly Elrod
    Senior Director, Human Resources

  • Kelly Marshall

    Kelly Marshall
    Senior Director, Operations

  • Nathan Gibson

    Nathan Gibson
    Senior Director, Risk Management

  • Nicole Cieslicki

    Nicole Cieslicki
    Senior Director, International Services

  • Megan Kozich

    Megan Kozich
    Senior Training Content Specialist

  • Melissa Bolos

    Melissa Bolos
    Senior HR Business Partner

  • Annamarie Madaczky

    Annamarie Madaczky
    Product Designer