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What to Look for When Hiring a Consultant

Hiring independent contractors to build a blended workforce can result in many benefits for your company. Freelance workers give enterprises increased flexibility. By outsourcing work to an independent contractor, companies often save on the many costs associated with hiring a full-time employee. Independent contractors also give hiring managers access to in-demand skills—these are works who…
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Addressing Unconscious Bias in Your Direct Sourcing Program

A total talent strategy focused on workforce optimization is designed to include a specific percentage of independent professionals with high-value skills. Success relies on creating a direct sourcing program that curates an independent talent pool of vetted workers. Hiring managers can tap this pool to fill project and team roles with proven workers who have…
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Before You Make a Job Offer: 4 Things to Know about Independent Professionals

As independent professionals become more centered in the economy and take more strategic roles in their client companies, it would be unusual if managers didn’t consider offering full-time employment to valued independents on their teams. “Locking in” such key talent can be important to employers and might be seen by them as a win-win proposition.…
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