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A business can't grow without innovation. MindSumo helps you crowdsource breakthrough ideas quickly and affordably from creative problem solvers.

"MindSumo allows us to tap into a new high-quality source of innovation quickly and easily. I've thoroughly enjoyed working with the MindSumo team, and have already started creating our next round of challenges!"

- Christopher Kuo, Digital Acquisition & Innovation, American Express

"The breadth and depth of input was absolutely phenomenal. You can't get those kind of results using focus groups."

- Heather Peters, Innovation, Blue Bunny (Wells)

"I was really impressed with the quality of the submissions. These guys were scary smart and creative!”

- Cheryl Small, Director of Brand/Business/Innovation Insights, Brown Forman

MindSumo by the Numbers

500k+ problem solvers

220k+ solutions submitted

1,500+ challenges hosted

2-3 times faster than traditional ideation services

100+ Fortune 500 customers already using MindSumo

5-10 concepts pursued per challenge

A Trusted Innovation Partner for the World's Top Brands

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What is a Challenge?

We use online projects called “challenges” to help you crowdsource ideas and solutions from the world’s brightest minds, ranging from college students to established independent professionals.

You Get Value

Dollars Saved

$15-30k less than comparable consulting and marketing services

Time Saved

1-2 months faster than using internal processes

Community Access

500,000+ Millennial/Gen Z users at your fingertips

Speed & Quantity

100+ ideas/insights generated and reviewed in a few weeks or less

Examples of Challenge Topics

New Product Ideas

  • What's your idea for a new food product that will be on-trend in 2019?
  • Propose a product that would improve remote communication

Consumer Insights & Trends

  • What are your biggest travel frustrations, and how can we solve them?
  • How can we make vehicle ownership more attractive to Millennials?

Future Innovation

  • How do you want to use AR/VR in the next 10+ years?
  • What does the shower of the future look like?

There are so many ways to use MindSumo

You’ll get ideas in a matter of days or weeks, and can purchase challenges individually, a bundle, or unlimited basis with optional white-labeling.

Listen to the open innovation experts

How it Works


Declare your problem. We use simple “challenge form” to capture ideas, and then our team works with you to design a challenge that solves your problem and maximizes results.


Pick an audience. Partner with our wide network, ranging from Gen Zs and Millennials to established independent consultants, or select a custom network network of your pre-determined choosing, such as your corporate staff and consultant base.


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Launch your challenge. We provide hands-on help every step of the way, including a customized dashboard to track and rate responses in real time.


Pick a winner. You’ll get to keep all submitted ideas and the challenge cost includes a pre-determined prize pool for winners.


Partner with our platform to proceed. Facilitate project completion via challenge winners or other qualified independents to bring your ideas to life via the MBO platform.

Where are you stuck?

We can help you navigate multiple stages in the innovation process


You need a bunch of fresh ideas quickly. We've got your back!


You're looking for last-mile improvements to an existing product or service, but don't need to start from scratch.

Future Innovation

You want ambitious ideas and solutions to help shape the future of your industry, product area, or company.

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