5 Benefits of an Enterprise Grade Direct Sourcing Solution

By MBO Partners | March 3, 2021


Savvy organizations of all types are increasingly incorporating independent professional talent into their workforces. And they are looking for ways to directly engage this pool of talent in a faster, more cost-effective way. With 33% of independents planning on using an online marketplace to find work in the next year, organizations must offer an accessible, easy-to-use engagement platform in order remain competitive in attracting and retaining top talent.

To leverage this valuable talent pool, organizations should look to implement an enterprise-grade direct sourcing solution: a technology-enabled platform that takes both compliance and engagement needs into account. By direct sourcing from a vetted group of known independent professionals, organizations can easily find, engage, and reengage talent with minimum compliance risk.

Five Benefits of An Enterprise-Grade Direct Sourcing Solution

Direct sourcing enables businesses to quickly identify candidates for available opportunities using their own resources rather than relying on a third-party staffing agency or consulting firm. Here are five benefits your organization can realize from implementing an enterprise-grade direct sourcing solution.

1. Rely on a Pool of Skilled Talent

Organizations can build their own network of talent as a way to shortlist independent professionals and build direct working relationships. Having a centralized repository of vetted talent allows businesses to engage independents on an as-needed basis and leverage their network across multiple organizational divisions.

2. Realize Time and Cost Savings

There are many time and cost savings associated with using an enterprise-grade direct sourcing solution, including: increased flexibility in talent acquisition, simplification of the compliance vetting process, and the ability to bring recruiter functions in-house.

3. Increase Output and Satisfaction

Engaging independents on an as-needed basis minimizes the amount of time hiring managers need to spend on recruiting activities and increases visibility into the hiring process. This helps increase overall company output as well as levels of satisfaction and productivity among independents.

4. Decrease the Risk of Worker Reclassification

Ensuring independent contractors are properly classified can be quite a complicated process in and of itself. Using an enterprise-grade direct sourcing solution and partnering with a firm that offers a trusted methodology for evaluating and engaging independent workers, such as MBO Partners, can help to mitigate or even eliminate misclassification issues.

5. Boost Retention and Re-Engagement Rates

By investing in programs and policies that prioritize the needs of independents, organizations can position themselves to become a Client of Choice—a preferred destination for self-employed professionals. Competition for top talent is increasing, and organizations that are positioned as the optimal client to work with will be able to attract and retain top talent.

In order to capitalize on these benefits and implement an enterprise-grade direct sourcing solution, organizations must first decide on the type of talent the program will be used for, how it will fit into their existing sourcing strategy, and customize evaluation criteria based on company needs and goals.

To learn more about how to create a robust direct sourcing engagement solution for your business:

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