Your Direct Sourcing Dream Team 

By Cori McKee | April 18, 2023


Key Points

Centered on the Talent Acquisition function, the initial phase of a direct sourcing program requires design input from other functions in the enterprise.

Effective partnerships and interfaces with each function are key to moving the program forward. 

While Talent Acquisition proactively partners with hiring, the whole team supports the creation of a talent pool of high-value independents.

In previous direct sourcing articles, we’ve looked at using a skills assessment to build a program business case and three areas to improve understanding so that you can make progress. 

A direct sourcing program is a strategic initiative involving various players. Centered on the Talent Acquisition function, the initial phase requires design input from other functions in the enterprise. As the program rolls out and matures, most of these functions will participate periodically to provide input, mainly reviewing updates or changes.  This multifunctional group is your direct sourcing dream team.  

Talent Acquisition 

The talent acquisition function is the ideal team captain of your direct sourcing dream team. Given its role in developing long-term talent strategy in partnership with HR, business leaders, and hiring managers, Talent Acquisition is perfectly positioned to focus direct sourcing activity on the skills and roles central to the business. This function can also interface with other team functions to ensure that the required systems and processes are set up and updated. 

Talent Acquisition is a “hub” in its relationship with other team members. Effective partnerships and interfaces with each function are crucial to moving the program forward. 


Given that independent talent are officially contractors, Procurement is a crucial player on the team. This function ensures that all t’s are crossed, and i’s dotted when it comes to contracts and scopes of work. In close partnership with Talent Acquisition, the procurement function ensures that needed talent is hired under the proper contract terms with appropriate classification and that they are established and ready to work on day one. 

Legal and Finance 

Similar to Procurement, Legal crosses t’s and dots i’s by ensuring that company policies are in place to support the direct sourcing program.  Legal needs input into the process to ensure the company and the contractor comply with the firm’s requirements and documentation. Finance is the team member that will help to determine the budgets around the upcoming needs of the business, which will guide the program to areas of success and efficiency when in build-out mode and continued support going forward into business as usual.   

Communications and Branding 

Program promotion is essential. Within the company, this takes the form of educating hiring managers about the value and use of the program, as well as sharing successes and results. Outside the company, positioning the company as a Client of Choice means communicating the value and benefits that independent professionals can receive by taking on projects that need their skills. Communications and Branding assist Talent Acquisition in crafting messaging for internal audiences and creating external campaigns to attract talent.  


Technology plays a significant role in your direct sourcing program. In addition to overseeing the systems that let independent professionals work with the company, IT works with Talent Acquisition to set up the technological features and capabilities specific to the program.  

Executive Sponsor 

The last on the team list is actually first in importance to the direct sourcing program. Like any initiative that involves a change in the workplace, having a sponsor in a leadership position is a must. Initially serving as an advocate and evangelist, the sponsor remains briefed on program progress and results. 

Delighting the Customer 

As the customer base of your direct sourcing dream team, your hiring managers are the beneficiaries of the initiative. While Talent Acquisition proactively partners with them, all of the systems, processes, and workflows your team creates will support the creation of a talent pool of high-value independents with the skills to make a strategic difference to the company. 

Now that you know the “who” of your direct sourcing program, let’s talk about the “how” and “when.” Next month, we’ll walk through the roadmap of a successful program. 

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