Independent Contractor Misclassification and Compliance News: April, 2020

misclassification and compliance news

As the independent workforce continues to grow, so do the issues of worker compliance and misclassification. It is important for enterprises to remain informed about the latest laws, regulations, and developments surrounding these topics. Each month, we’ll bring you the latest news stories from around the web. 1. CARES Act Provides Benefits to the Independent…

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5 Client Etiquette Rules to Follow When Working from Home

man working at desk

There are many factors that influence a productive home office environment. Creating a defined work space. Developing a daily routine that minimizes outside distractions. Finding ways to balance personal and work responsibilities. Experimenting with different virtual tools to find the ones that work best for your business—the list goes on. But one often overlooked and…

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6 Benefits to Creating a Direct Sourcing Strategy

man standing working on tablet

Companies today have unprecedented access to a pool of more than 41 million independent professionals. And that talent comes in more shapes and sizes than ever before—contractors, consultants, freelancers, side giggers, and more work as 1099 or W-2 workers, and the list goes on. Meanwhile, alongside continued growth in this labor market, 61% of organizations saying…

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3 Signs an Executive Coach Can Benefit Your Independent Business

woman speaks to group

In today’s post, Melisa Liberman, host of upcoming MBO webinar “Using an Executive Coach to Accelerate Your Career Revenue”  and an executive coach specializing in tech leaders, offers actionable tips from her own experience as both a “coach” and a “coachee” to help independent professionals considering coaching for future career growth or career transition.    When…

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How to Find and Keep Top Independent Professional Talent

woman sitting in chair with notebook

For many leading organizations, independent professionals are a growing part of the workforce. Independent talent offer companies the ability to bring a valuable set of skills to a project for a specific period of time, helping to minimize employment costs and increase flexibility. But as the demand for independent workers grows—especially those with high-end skills—how…

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Post COVID-19 Workforce Trends: What a New Normal Might Look Like

people talking at table with winding staircase

There have been non-stop updates about our current status here in the U.S. and globally over the past couple of weeks— both from a health and economic perspective. However, I’d like to take a few minutes to think about the future of work, and what a ’new normal’ could look like. Returning to Work Those…

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How to Start a Successful Consulting Business

man writing on whiteboard

More than 41 million Americans work independently as consultants, freelancers, independent contractors, gig workers, and more. If you’re working independently and are thinking of pursuing your endeavor fulltime, you’re not alone. Full-time self-employment continues to be a viable and attractive option for many professionals, especially those with in-demand skills. Any career change marks a major moment, but the decision…

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