Digital Nomads Are Here to Stay


Each year, the number of digital nomads grows. According to a 2020 report by MBO Partners, which provides support services for independent workers, 10.9 million American workers consider themselves digital nomads. That number is up from 7.3 million in 2019, and 4.8 million in 2018.

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Independent Contractor Misclassification and Compliance News: March 2021

misclassification and compliance news

As the independent workforce continues to grow, so do the issues of worker compliance and misclassification. It is important for enterprises to remain informed about the latest laws, regulations, and developments surrounding these topics. Each month, we’ll bring you the latest news stories from around the web. Protect the Right to Organize Act (the “PRO…

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Working From the Tropics: Costa Rica Promises Digital Nomads a Life of ‘Pura Vida’

The Tico Times

One positive trend that’s expected to continue is working from home, as companies learned that this can actually increase productivity while lowering costs associated with maintaining large brick-and-mortar office spaces. MBO Partners found 83% of them reported feeling “happier working on my own,” with 71% saying that “working on my own is better for my…

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From Drivers to Workers: The Impact of Uber’s UK Ruling on the Gig Economy


Uber has decided to legally transition its 70,000 UK drivers into ‘workers,’ making them eligible for a minimum hourly wage, holiday pay, and employer pension contributions. However, MBO Partners UK business development director Mark Stringer thinks Uber’s move needs to be treated as a specific case; “this case just drives the point home that businesses need to utilize the gig economy in the correct manner with the correct assessment…

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Companies Grapple With Compliance as Digital Nomadism Surges

Nearshore Americas

The Covid-19 pandemic, and the prior increase of co-working and co-living spaces, have accelerated the use of remote work as a leading trend across industries. A study conducted by MBO Partners revealed that the amount of American digital nomads has grown by 49% to a total of 10.9 million people since 2019.

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