Case Studies

CASE STUDY: Custom Direct Sourcing Talent Marketplace in Partnership with MBO

February 18, 2021

CASE STUDY Vertical: Professional Services | Type: Direct Sourcing Enterprises today have access to a valuable population of highly skilled, educated, on-demand talent—independent professionals. This pool of talent offers organizations greater staffing flexibility, lower employment costs, and access to in-demand skills. In order to incorporate independent talent into their workforce, many organizations are turning to…

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CASE STUDY: A Leading, Publicly-traded Healthcare Improvement Company Re-envisions Workforce Optimization

February 4, 2021

CASE STUDY Vertical: Healthcare | Type: Workforce Management Today’s labor force is increasingly composed of independent talent—people who work independently to build businesses, develop their careers, pursue passions, and supplement their incomes. Independent talent give companies the ability to respond quickly to project demands, exert greater control over employment costs, and realize access to in-demand…

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CASE STUDY: Cost Savings, Risk Mitigation, and Program Growth Through Direct Sourcing

January 28, 2021

CASE STUDY Vertical: Financial Services | Type: Direct Sourcing Today’s talent comes in all shapes and sizes from traditional W-2 workers to contractors, freelancers, consultants, temporary workers and more. Whether your organization is just beginning to engage contingent workers or has been incorporating this segment of the workforce for some time, you’ve likely heard the…

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