7 Best Self Employed Jobs that Pay Well

By MBO Partners | May 10, 2022

7 Best Self Employed Jobs that Pay Well

If you are contemplating a move to self-employment but aren’t sure if your work experience is suited to an independent career, taking a look at high-demand jobs within your industry can help give you an idea of how to align your skills with market needs.

Whether you’re a well-established professional, or just starting on a new path, there are plenty of ways to adapt and apply your expertise to independent contracting. Here are the top 7 self employed jobs to consider.

1. Consulting

If you have particular industry skills and expertise but want to work on your own, consider advising companies like the one you work for—or their clients. Consulting is one of the simplest ways to transition your current career into an independent one because it makes use of your existing skills and network.

Whether you’re a project management guru or a tax accounting specialist, there are many companies and clients looking for your expertise. Chances are, you may already know many of them so make use of your existing network and test the waters for project opportunities.

2. Writing

From articles, blogs, and reports to academic papers, eBooks, and technical writing, content is everywhere and there’s a need for talented writers, editors, and proofreaders. As an independent contractor, a career in writing is relatively simple—you don’t need much special equipment or a dedicated space. You can easily set your own work hours and schedule, and there are many marketplaces where you can pick up work.

Based on your skills and experience, you may want to consider starting writing as a side gig to build your reputation and contacts before transitioning to a full-time career.

3. Design

Logos, posters, ads, and even full-on campaigns all need to be designed, and graphic design and creative design experts can help meet this demand. Much like writing, this independent career relies on skill and experience—the more you have, the better the pay.

There’s always a need for well-designed logos, PowerPoint presentations, or marketing collateral both on a short-term and longer project basis, making a career in graphic or creative design well suited for independence.

4. Programming

Software, web, and app development expertise is a high-demand skill that isn’t going away any time soon. If you have experience designing and coding websites or apps, programming jobs can pay very well. It’s often easier and more economical for a company to hire an independent contractor to build a website or design an app rather than employing a high-priced development firm.

Projects may include testing web-based applications, coding websites, creating online tools, or providing technical support. Land and impress potential clients with a portfolio of work of past jobs or projects you’ve worked on.

5. Marketing

If you have experience with branding, strategy, engagement, or targeted advertising, digital marketing may be the independent career for you. Independent marketers may work with companies to formulate brand strategy, improve the effectiveness of marketing efforts, or enhance customer relationships.

To stand out in this realm, be sure to stay on top of the latest marketing research and trends. Start by marketing your own services as a way to showcase your capabilities to prospective clients.

6. Search Engine Optimization

More and more, businesses are looking to boost their online presence and increase the ranking of their website. Search engine optimizers understand Google and other search engine algorithms and know how to improve website ranking. SEO jobs may include conducting an audit to better understand what a company’s target audience is searching for, performing keyword research, or providing suggestions for content strategy.

7. Social Media

Social media is an essential component to most modern businesses, and many are looking for help optimizing their social presence. If you have experience managing social media accounts on various platforms, and have created and implemented social strategies that companies have benefited from, you may have a lot to offer future clients.

Social media projects could include integrating a company’s social media platforms with their website to align brand messaging, driving website traffic to increase conversions, or building brand awareness.

Transitioning to independent work is an exciting career change. When thinking about how to build your solo business, take a close look at your skills and expertise to determine the type of services you may be able to offer. An easy way to look for potential independent consulting projects is to use online independent consulting job marketplaces, such as MBO’s marketplace. You can browse projects that match your skills and start building a pipeline of work all in one place.

If you’re considering becoming a self employed, learn how to prepare yourself by reading: How to Transition from a Full Time Job to Self-Employment.

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