A Community-Building Strategy
Drives Top Talent Engagement



Leverage your brand to create an engaged and
connected external workforce community

Preferred clients get the best talent

MBO's community management program helps you connect and capitalize on engagement with top talent in your network. Integrating targeted initiatives into your strategy will help grow your organization's reputation as a Client of Choice.


Community Management that Builds
Top Talent Engagement


Create a consistent
candidate experience


Generate buzz for
open requisitions


Measure and
enhance engagement


Establish a reputation as
a thought leader


Create meaningful pre- and
post-project interactions


Stay top of mind for
in-demand independents


Create a talent community and nurturing strategy

Understand: Talent Pool

Scale your independent engagement programs with talent pooling, identifying a target audience that has been minimally qualified after a candidate has applied for a role and becomes part of an outreach initiative.

Plan: Talent Pipeline

In the first phase of community building, pool or target actively engaged audiences to readily fill upcoming positions. This may or may not include adding talent to a virtual bench as well as initial proactive messaging.

Engage: Talent Network

Create an opt-in candidate database to encourage the growth of talent pools and pipelines, but also to create pipelines for future initiatives.

Retain: Talent Community

Leverage candidate databases to create and maintain a group of talent that develop an affinity for your organization. Allow talent to proactively connect, share opinions, and collaborate with your organization, and to develop long-lasting, meaningful relationships.

Interested in creating communities of independent talent?

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