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5 Ways to Achieve Work Life Balance


5 Ways to Achieve Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance has everything to do with life and nothing to do with work. It does not matter which words we use to describe this balance. Most people share a similar desire to create joy and meaningful engagements across the roles, relationships, and responsibilities that make up life, but our current habits, perceptions, and beliefs often get us stuck in habitual patterns and ideas. 

In this exclusive webinar titled, “5 Ways to Achieve Work-Life Balance,” Jae Ellard, Author and Founder of Simple Intentions, explored the global truths about work-life balance. She introduced possibilities to get unstuck from habitual patterns and ideas, highlighted fresh perspectives on work-life balance, and engaged with participants to explore their personal relationship with balance. 

This Q&A-style discussion covered:

  • What work-life balance is
  • The conversations you should have to make work-life balance possible
  • The fact that how we define the balance in work-life balance is our choice
  • How we can create work-life balance

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Jae Ellard

Jae Ellard

Title: Founder
Company: Simple Intentions

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