Freelancers Make More Than You Think (and Maybe More Than You)

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The fifth annual “State of Independence” study, conducted by MBO Partners, surveyed more than 1,000 freelance workers on their incomes and attitudes toward working solo. Among the most eye-popping results: 2.9 million full-time freelancers reported making more than $100,000 a year, up from 2 million in 2011.

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Why the Independent Workforce is Growing Faster than Overall American Employment

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Today, MBO Partners released its fifth annual State of Independence in America report. The good news – and it is mostly good news – is that the independent workforce, now boasting 30.2 million Independents aged 21 and over, continues to grow at a faster pace than overall American employment. These independents work on a full- or…

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MBO Partners Hires Expert Contract Workforce Executive John Piazza

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MBO Partners announces the hiring of Senior Vice President John Piazza to lead the Solutions Delivery team. A strategic and entrepreneurial executive, Piazza brings nearly two decades of experience in the contract workforce industry, most recently as the Senior Vice President and General Manager for the Payroll and Independent Contractor Compliance Services unit of Randstad…

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Authentic Ways to Build a Consulting Practice

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The consulting process truly begins as soon as you first make contact with the prospective client. In this webinar, Peter Block, best-selling author and owner of Designed Learning, offers advice and insight to those looking to better structure the way we sell and contract, and how to have influence when you have little control. Peter…

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Free-Agent Nation Is Shrinking

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The government stopped trying to measure it systematically after 2005 because of budget constraints. One of the entities that has been trying to fill the gap is MBO Partners, which provides back-office support for independent professionals. Since 2011 MBO Partners has sponsored surveys of independent workers in the U.S. that try to get at the…

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Six Business Books Independent Consultants Must Read

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As the saying goes, it’s not what you know, but who. The same concept can be applied to professional development– it’s not only what you know, but who you present to your clients and the world by how you package your services, products or insights. Putting your best foot forward in the workplace can include topics as mundane as…

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