How to Write a Consulting Contract: 6 Best Practices


Writing contracts is an important part of your business as an independent professional. A contract defines the work you agree to do for a client, and it also provides you with legal protection.  Contract negotiation can be an intimidating part of starting a new project but setting up this legal framework will help protect you…

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When is an Independent Contractor Really an Employee?

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What is an Independent Contractor vs. Employee? These definitions will help you understand how each type of worker is defined: Employee A full-time employee works for a single employer and that employer has a say over the work they do and how that work gets done. An employer can control the hours, location, and type…

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5 Ways a Big 4 Consulting Firm Saved $10M YOY with Direct Sourcing (Case Study)

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CASE STUDY Vertical: Professional Services | Type: Direct Sourcing The modern workforce of many enterprises is composed of a mix of full-time, temporary, and contingent labor. In particular, independent contractors offer organizations highly-skilled expertise and the flexibility to grow and shrink their workforce as project needs arise. Most companies that engage independent contractors understand the…

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How to Build a Million Dollar Small Business: 4 Steps


Whether your goals for pursuing self-employment are financial, lifestyle, or interest based, choosing to go independent means just that—you have the choice to build a business that allows you to live your life the way you want to live it. Today, more people than ever are pursuing an independent career and year after year, more…

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How to Write a Business Plan for Small Business: 8 Steps

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There is a lot of planning and preparation required to start your own business. One of the most important steps of this process is creating a business plan. Below, we review eight steps to help you create a simple business plan as you begin your small business. 1. Outline Your Offerings Focus your initial business…

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How to Use Twitter to Market Your Small Business: 5 Tips


One of the best ways to reach your target audience and connect with future clients is through social media. However, in order to be effective on these platforms, you’ll need to tailor your writing to the specific social platform you are using. With a global user base of more than 450 million people, Twitter is one…

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Tech Layoffs Shed Light on Need for Workforce Optimization

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Recent increase in tech layoffs and hiring freezes paint an interesting—yet somewhat inaccurate—picture of the current workforce environment. High-profile companies including Netflix, MasterClass, Tesla, Twitter and more have slowed down hiring and laid off thousands of employees due to fears of a recession, rising inflation, tightening of budgets, and big swings in the crypto currency market, among…

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Create an Agile Workforce Using Independent Professional Talent

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Workforce optimization: it’s something every enterprise strives for. When your workforce is agile, flexible, and fluid, it is best able to meet the demands of your business. Companies that use independent contractors as part of their workforce strategy realize significant cost savings per engagement, as well as access to top talent and accelerated business outcomes. …

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4 Ways to Minimize Worker Misclassification

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Worker misclassification will always be an inherent risk when engaging independent contractors. Businesses today must decide how to handle differing worker classification laws from federal, state, and local government agencies. Because laws and regulations that dictate worker classification and use of independent contractors are ambiguous and frequently change, legal compliance is challenging. That said, companies…

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