Where do gig workers fit into the future of work?

Digitizing Polaris

Perhaps unsurprisingly, millennials are becoming more prevalent in the gig workforce. A study by MBO partners saw that 38% of the current freelance workforce is made up of millennials. With the higher degree of autonomy and power to pick the gigs you want, there is a lot that can attract younger workers to these roles, especially when…

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Close More Deals with these 3 Sales Tips for Consultants

consultants in group working at desk shaking hands

At first glance, it seems like it would be easy to sell something you’re knowledgeable and passionate about. However, just because you’re an expert in your industry doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve developed the skills and techniques to excel in the sales aspect of your business. We all know someone who is a natural-born salesperson, but…

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Commercial Real Estate and the Digital Nomad

Wealth Creation Investing

There are 10.9 million digital nomads in the U.S. alone, according to a 2020 study by MBO Partners. Moreover, the report shows that 19 million more Americans are considering a digital nomad lifestyle themselves. A digital nomad, according to Intentional Travelers, is someone who uses online or digital tools to “work from wherever they choose.” See, not as complex as…

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First Ever Sizing Study Reveals 7.1 Million Americans Participate in the Creator Economy, Earning Money from Platforms Like YouTube, TikTok and Instagram

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-New research from MBO Partners shows that 7.1 million creators earn income from their work; the creator economy is 75% Millennial and Gen Z self-employed workers, 63% of whom work only part time in the creator space. AUSTIN, TX – November 16, 2021​ –A new study from ​MBO Partners® shows that 2021 is the year…

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The rise of ‘digital nomads’ in Greece


The new reality, introduced by the consecutive lockdowns due to the COVID-19 pandemic, in combination with the robust networking infrastructure, through the completion of the licensing process of 5G networks, as well as the wider technological ecosystem in Greece has paved the way for exponential growth of the digital nomad population. 

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Sri Lanka taps emerging travel market of digital nomads in re-opening plans

Travel Weekly Asia

The Sri Lankan tourism ministry is also zooming in on what has been called the travel sector’s newest emerging target: digital nomads, who reportedly wield a collective US$787 billion in spending power, and whose numbers have increased dramatically during the pandemic. Around 15.5 million people in the US describe themselves as digital nomads, an increase of…

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Will Travel Enable the Work-Where-I-Want Ethos?

Business Travel News BTN

At some point during the pandemic, the idea that return to business travel had to be tied to return to office strategy began to fall apart. According to MBO Partners, about 10.9 million Americans in 2020 described themselves as digital nomads, compared to 7.3 million in 2019.

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The Caribbean goes nomad

The Gleaner

COVID-19 made many employers and employees realise that it was possible to be productive while working away from the office. And even as businesses began to slowly reopen, a small but growing number of people are choosing to become digital nomads – remote workers who travel the world. According to MBO Partners, a business management…

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