Sri Lanka taps emerging travel market of digital nomads in re-opening plans

Travel Weekly Asia

The Sri Lankan tourism ministry is also zooming in on what has been called the travel sector’s newest emerging target: digital nomads, who reportedly wield a collective US$787 billion in spending power, and whose numbers have increased dramatically during the pandemic. Around 15.5 million people in the US describe themselves as digital nomads, an increase of…

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Will Travel Enable the Work-Where-I-Want Ethos?

Business Travel News BTN

At some point during the pandemic, the idea that return to business travel had to be tied to return to office strategy began to fall apart. According to MBO Partners, about 10.9 million Americans in 2020 described themselves as digital nomads, compared to 7.3 million in 2019.

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The Caribbean goes nomad

The Gleaner

COVID-19 made many employers and employees realise that it was possible to be productive while working away from the office. And even as businesses began to slowly reopen, a small but growing number of people are choosing to become digital nomads – remote workers who travel the world. According to MBO Partners, a business management…

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The 68 Million Consumers Financial Institutions Are Overlooking

The Financial Brand

Almost 21% of the United States population is looking for banking options that suit their needs, primarily because what they have right now isn’t sufficient. Who are they? Independent contractors, also referred to as independent workers and gig workers. Not only are these “untethered” workers looking for new banking options, but they are growing collectively…

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