First They Got Long Covid. Then, It Made Them Homeless

Check out our mention in the Rolling Stone‘s latest article: “First They Got Long Covid. Then, It Made Them Homeless.” And learn how our company and how #independent work is helping people live through the uncertainty of #COVID19    

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Recruiting Contractors vs Employees: What’s the Difference?

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Independent contractors and employees are two very different pools of talent. That means there are big differences when it comes to recruiting each type of talent. In order to successfully attract, retain, and re-engage independent workers, it’s important to focus on building a recruiting strategy that is specifically designed to meet the needs of these…

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Filing Self Employed Taxes: What You Need

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Independent business owners file taxes differently than traditional, W-2 employees. If this is your first time managing taxes as an independent contractor, don’t worry. It may feel a bit complicated at first but you’ll get the hang of it soon enough! Below, we answer all your questions about paying taxes as a self-employed professional. What…

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How Digital Nomad Visas Can Help the Global Economy

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Find out how Digital Nomad visas can help grow the world economy and improve an individuals way of life.  HR Exchange cites our study by saying, “Market research firm, MBO Partners, found that there are 15.5 million current U.S. digital nomads, up from 7.3 million in 2019.”    

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What Is Direct Sourcing: How to Start Recruiting Top Talent

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What is Direct Sourcing? Direct sourcing is a strategy enterprises can use to find and engage independent contractors that involves identifying candidates for an open project or role using their own internal resources rather than a third party to find talent on their behalf. 3 Ways to Direct Source Talent There are three ways for…

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