5 Easy Ways to Scale and Grow Your Consulting Business

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When building a consulting business, it is important to find ways to scale in order to grow efficiently. Growing isn’t limited to simply scaling the size of your company. You can also grow in: profits, revenue, market share, brand position, influence, or geography. Once you’ve made the decision to grow, it’s time to decide how…

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How Digital Nomad Visas Can Help the Global Economy

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Find out how Digital Nomad visas can help grow the world economy and improve an individuals way of life.  HR Exchange cites our study by saying, “Market research firm, MBO Partners, found that there are 15.5 million current U.S. digital nomads, up from 7.3 million in 2019.”    

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What Is Direct Sourcing: How to Start Recruiting Top Talent

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What is Direct Sourcing? Direct sourcing is a strategy enterprises can use to find and engage independent contractors that involves identifying candidates for an open project or role using their own internal resources rather than a third party to find talent on their behalf. 3 Ways to Direct Source Talent There are three ways for…

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Activision Awaits Crucial Ruling on Scope of Sex Harassment Suit

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MBO’s research is being used as a reference for journalists and the public as a judge is set to decide whether a lawsuit against Activision Blizzard Inc. over alleged sexual harassment and discrimination can include temporary workers who were not hired directly by the game maker, a ruling that will determine the scope of the suit and…

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How to Increase Organic Traffic to a Small Business Website

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A professional website is a great lead generation tool for independent business owners. New leads can come to your website in three ways: Referrals from other websites Direct clicks from social postings or emails Organic traffic, which comes from people clicking on a link in Google’s search results To increase your organic traffic and show…

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David Weil vs. Small Business: Democrats try to jam through a nominee who ignored the law in the Obama Administration.

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Our State of Independence Research is being used to inform and influence political decisions today.  The Wall Street Journal cites our study by saying, “Consultant MBO Partners recently reported that the independent workforce increased 34% in 2021, and that 87% of these workers say they are happier working independently.” Find out how this applies to…

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The “2-Minute Rule” Pays Dividends If You Live By The “Time = Money” Mantra

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Emails, phone calls, walk-by meetings, instant messages…things often have a way of, well, getting in the way of your work. How can help you prioritize, juggle, and check-off things from your ever-growing to-do list? The looming danger of procrastination is a reality all workers, independents and employees, tackle every day. Enter: The 2-Minute Rule. Simply…

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