5 Reasons to Avoid Overselling Consulting Services

By MBO Partners | May 5, 2024


Key Points

Try not to oversell your services to avoid damage to your company and reputation.

Overpromising can lead to under-delivering—instead, set clear expectations to build lasting client relationships.

Don’t let the pressure to meet or exceed expectations lead you to agree to take on projects you don't have the capacity for.

Overselling consulting services is an easy mistake to make—one that can put your business reputation at risk. As an independent professional, your drive and ambition are what make your business succeed. However, it is possible that the very ambition that helps you achieve your goals can become a detriment.  

When selling your services to a client, there is a tendency to want to promise them more than what they are asking for. Whether you are overpromising to impress a client, close a sale, or highlight your abilities, overselling rarely benefits anyone. 

5 Reasons to Avoid Overselling Consulting Services

Beyond the mental and emotional stress over-promising has on your health, it can also damage your company, reputation, and clients.

1. Your reputation can suffer

Clients want to hire you because they have a specific need that you can fill. The project may have certain requirements such as a strict budget, specific technical needs, or a tight deadline. When you set expectations too high and are unable to deliver on what you say you can do, you not only put the client’s project at risk, but you put your personal reputation in jeopardy as well. 

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2. Work can be delayed

Whether you’ve oversold yourself on availability, budget, or ability, there will be pressure to meet unrealistic standards that you’ve set. Such devotion to a single client or project can result in unintentional delays to other work, which can cause you to neglect other clients. 

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3. Work may suffer a loss of quality

A major side effect that arises when you oversell or spread yourself too thin is a general loss of quality. Often, when people are met with tighter deadlines, the first thing they sacrifice is the standard they hold for their work.  

Just as you have the right to expect your client to pay your agreed fee, they have the right to expect the deliverables to be of an agreed level of quality, delivered on time. 

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4. Clients may not rehire you

Overselling yourself has the potential to damage your standing with your clients and lower the possibility of getting rehired. 

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5. You risk a breach of contract

Overpromising may cause a breach of contract and your business could face losses and possible legal ramifications, seriously damaging your reputation. 

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How to Avoid Overselling 

Avoiding overselling is simple: be realistic and honest with both yourself and with your client. Take a candid inventory of your current obligations, including those in your personal life. Ask yourself: If I take on this project, will I be able to dedicate the necessary time to it? Do I have the qualifications to complete this project to the standards the client expects and deserves? 

Don’t let the pressure to meet or exceed expectations lead you to agree to take on projects. If you have the slightest inkling that you don’t have enough time or expertise for a project, then you should strongly consider passing. If you find yourself in this situation, consider referring the client to a fellow consultant whom you trust as an expert source. 


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