The Weekly Independent: May 30, 2017

consultants working in office shaking hands

Staying on top of your field means staying ahead of the biggest news stories. That’s why each week we bring you The Weekly Independent, a quick-hit digest of news of note from around the web. Last week, MBO Partners announced that we’ve accepted a significant minority growth investment from Primus Capital. Spend Matters covered the exciting…

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Creating and Marketing Your Website as an Independent Consultant

consultants working in office

Erin Daniels of Design for People was the guest speaker of our webinar on creating and marketing your website as an independent consultant. In today’s increasingly “online first” age, your website is often the first impression people will have of your business so it’s important that it reflects your brand, services, and skills. Erin, founder of…

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The 5 Truths About Work Life Balance

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Work-life balance has nothing to do with work and everything to do with life. It doesn’t matter which words you use to describe this balance. The fact is, most people share a similar desire to create easy joy and meaningful engagement across the roles, relationships and responsibilities that make up life. Yet, our current habits, perceptions…

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