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The Less-Traveled Road to Increasing Your Revenue

February 17, 2015

Being an independent consultant takes a certain level of skill, especially when it comes to the delicate science of pricing and fees. This webinar will discuss how to recognize the two pricing mistakes that independent consultants often make, how to incorporate value to the client into your pricing decisions, and how to adopt a process…

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Understanding The Contractor: 5 Challenges IC’s Have With Your Enterprise

August 29, 2013

For this session, we have selected two MBO Associates as our guests. These are consultants that depend on their large enterprise clients to practice their profession and build their brand. They will share their experiences with real clients and reveal their frustrations and struggles. Through this discussion you will hear the top five challenges that…

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The Four Keys to Writing a Successful Proposal

September 18, 2012

Part one of our series on writing successful proposals. For the rest of the series, please visit our channel on YouTube.  

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Webinar: Expert Tips on How to Calculate Your Bill Rate

March 2, 2012

As an independent consultant you have a business to run and knowing how much to bill is a really big deal. This valuable MBO Partners webinar features Garry Richey, owner of Richey Leadership Group and successful independent consultant. You’ll learn how profit margins, expenses and even insurance costs all contribute to your billable rate. After you’ve…

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Are You Ready to Go Solo? The Top 3 Questions to Ask Yourself

January 27, 2012

There are a lot of things to consider when you are deciding whether to leave your job and start your own consulting business. This webinar will help you navigate the most common questions people ask themselves to decide if they are ready for the independent work lifestyle.  

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