A Handshake and a Drink in a Digital World

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If you are in business in the 21st century, you’ve heard from multiple sources that you need to have an optimized digital presence if you hope to succeed. This message may ring a little louder if you are an independent worker. But what does an “optimized digital presence” even mean?

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MBO Partners’ Gene Zaino on the Rise of the Independent Worker (Part 2)

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Spend Matters recently interviewed Gene Zaino, president and CEO of MBO Partners, on his firmís recent study looking at the rise of independent workers in America. In Part 1 of the interview, Gene began to share his thoughts on key takeaways from the MBO survey, surprise findings from the report and what it means for…

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Freelance Still Runs On Word Of Mouth

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Fragment the economy into ever-more efficient units, freelancers who can start and stop assignments on a momentís notice. Toss in 21st century technology, communication that can pass job assignments around the world in less than a second. And you know that means futuristic ways of connecting people to work. Yet as the number of independent…

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