The Cure for the Common Staffing Ailment

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Today 30 million Americans are exercising their freedom to work independently, some choosing to add independence as a side gig, while others use it as their primary source of income. With the increased resource demands on the health care industry these proud, bold independents are a vital link in your staffing strategy.

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The Difference Between a Solopreneur and a Side-Gigger

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There are 30 million Americans working as freelancers or independent workers. But, there are huge differences within this independent, entrepreneurial cohort. One big divide: the solopreneurs and the side-giggers. 17.9 million “solopreneurs” work more than 15 hours a week independently, according to MBO Partners’ annual State of Independence in America report. Meanwhile, side-giggers take independent…

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Is The Future Of Work All About Freelance And Independent Workers?

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According to a recent SAP and Oxford Economics report, 83% of executives say their companies are increasing their use of contingent workers. Intuit reported that by 2020 40% of American Workers will be freelancers. Another recent report from MBO Partners found that today there are approximately 30 million independent workers and that by 2019 this…

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