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Archive for February 2015

Succeed As A Solopreneur

If this strikes you as a new concept, it’s not. Millions of people have been doing this for a long time. These industrious individuals might have been regarded as “independent business persons,” “business soloists” or “one-man shows.” However labeled, the trend toward “solopreneurship” is on the upward track. An October 2014 survey conducted by consultancy…

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How to Increase Your Income: Pricing Strategies for Independent Consultants

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Being an independent consultant takes a certain level of skill, especially when it comes to the delicate science of pricing and fees. This webinar will discuss how to recognize the two pricing mistakes that independent consultants often make, how to incorporate value to the client into your pricing decisions, and how to adopt a process…

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More Jobs and Lower Wages: 2015 is the Year to Freelance

As more businesses augment their existing labor pools with flexible contingent talent and contractors, an entire industry is rallying to support the needs of this new workforce. AS MBO Partners learned during the companyís four-year research project to forecast future employment trends, ìInnovative technologies, online work marketplaces, back office support platforms and portable healthcare benefits…

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New Year Brings Increased Department of Labor Scrutiny on Wage-and-Hour Violations

“The continued rise of the independent workforce as well as the on-demand economy have sharpened the focus on the entire work landscape,” said Gene Zaino, president and CEO with MBO Partners. “Any company with employees should be aware of and adherent to the rules and regulations governing all types of work arrangements, including independent workers.”

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How to Get Around Difficult Co-Workers on the Job and Win

“The continued rise of the independent workforce or the on-demand economy have sharpened the focus on the entire work landscape,” said Gene Zaino, president and CEO with MBO Partners, a Herndon, Va.-based company that helps independent professionals launch their own consulting firm.

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The booming future of collaborative work environments

This is particularly true for small businesses that don’t have a traditional brick-and-mortar location. Consider that a recent report from business services firm MBO Partners identified approximately 30 million independent workers in the U.S. ó which includes freelancers, contractors, temporary workers, and small business owners with less than four employees ó and their forecast is…

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