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Archive for November 2015

How Can We Protect Workers in the Gig Economy?

In Silicon Valley, where thousands of contractors and freelancers are hired every week…private companies like MBO Partners are emerging to handle the benefits of contingent workers who work for many employers.

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The Weekly Independent: November 30, 2015

We hope you had a restful Thanksgiving filled with family, friends, and no need for Adele’s Hello on repeat. We’ve got just 32 days left in the year, so get ready to power through and round the corner to 2016. In the coming weeks, we’ll bring you both year in reviews and looks forward, and…

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Your Company Needs Independent Workers

Our own research reinforces these findings. The MBO Partners 2015 State of Independence workforce study found that 6.4 million Americans report that they provide professional services to corporations on a contingent or contract basis. Of these, about 2 million report earning $75,000 or more last year.

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The Weekly Independent: November 23, 2015

It’s a holiday week, so before you head home to enjoy a Turkey dinner, make sure to learn more about what people are calling the “social safety net,” tips for independent contractor compliance in the latest MBO blog update, and how Millennials are transforming the workplace, among other things. When thinking about how to manage…

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The Weekly Independent: November 16, 2015

This week, learn more about portable benefits plans (a topic we also discussed last week), a new on-demand co-working hotel and the next big thing in the gig economy, plus more. Independents should be preparing for their January 15th Schedule C filing. Here are four ways to make filling out IRS Form 1040 easier, via…

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The Weekly Independent: November 9, 2015

This week, learn when it’s time for an assistant, the potential use of Individual Security Accounts for the gig economy, when Uber drivers will get their day in court and more. But before we get right down to business, don’t forget to register for our webinar next week, where Terri Gallagher, owner and CEO of Gallagher…

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The Contingent Quandary

Much more recent studies — one from MBO Partners, the other from the Freelancers Union and Upwork — suggest the current number of freelancers accounts for 19 percent and 34 percent of the U.S. workforce, respectively. Both sources have skin in the game, it should be noted — MBO Partners sells products and services to…

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4 Risk Management Must-Haves for Independent Contractors

In the past five years, the independent workforce grew faster than the overall economy, according to MBO Partners’ 2015 State of Independence in America Report. The trend isn’t slowing, either: 71% of those who already work independently are doing so in addition to a full- or part-time job, and one in seven full-timers are considering…

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The Weekly Independent: November 2, 2015

We know you’re short on time, so here you go: Misclassification continues to be a serious and costly hassle for employers. Amazon Prime Now is the latest to be hit with a suit, as drivers sue in a class-action case that alleges that they should be employees, not contractors. A third of workers in the…

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