Independent Contractor Misclassification and Compliance News July 2021

misclassification and compliance news

As the independent workforce continues to grow, so do the issues of worker compliance and misclassification. It is important for enterprises to remain informed about the latest laws, regulations, and developments surrounding these topics. Each month, we’ll bring you the latest news stories from around the web. New Jersey recently enacted four laws that increased…

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4 Ways to Prevent Burnout When You’re Self Employed

Burnout: it’s a feeling most working adults have experienced at some point in their lives—the career that was once exciting and invigorating has become a source of exhaustion, apathy, or even dread. While this can happen to anyone, independent professionals can be particularly prone to burnout due to their fast-paced, demanding schedules. Keep these four…

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What Are Soft Skills and Why Are They Important in the Workplace

What Are Soft Skills? Soft skills, often called people skills or emotional intelligence, are defined as the ability to interact amicably with others. They are personal attributes that can affect relationships, communication, and interaction with others. Soft skills can be invaluable to business success, but why are they so important? While soft skills can at…

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8 Ways to Keep Your Knowledge and Skills Current

In today’s competitive business world, it can be hard to stand out from the crowd. Your knowledge and skills can be the difference between landing the assignments and clients you want and struggling to prove your value. Having knowledge and skills above and beyond the basics of your field can give you a professional advantage.…

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MBO Partners® Announces New CFO to Advance Platform and Fuel Growth

MBO flag logo

Company adds fintech and SaaS expert, Eric Dutcher to executive team HERNDON, VA – July 27, 2021 – MBO Partners, a deep job platform powering relationships between independent professionals and enterprise organizations, today announced that Eric Dutcher will join the company as Chief Financial Officer.  “Eric’s expertise in SaaS and long track record of driving…

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11 Ways to Build and Maintain Strong Client Relationships

man reading book

Building and maintaining strong client relationships are important for sustainable business growth.  It’s common for business owners to focus their resources on gaining new business. However, you don’t need to rely on gaining new clients to get new projects.  Continuing to work with existing clients can keep your project pipeline full and lead to referrals…

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The Weekly Independent: July 26, 2021

The Weekly Independent

Being a successful independent contractor or a Client of Choice isn’t just about doing the best work or having the best perks. It also means staying one step ahead of the curve. That’s why each week we bring you The Weekly Independent, a quick-hit digest of news of note from around the web. Gerald O’Connell,…

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CASE STUDY: A Big 4 Consulting Firm Disintermediates the Traditional Staffing Supply Chain

people talking at desk in office

CASE STUDY Vertical: Professional Services | Type: Direct Sourcing The modern workforce of many enterprises is composed of a mix of full-time, temporary, and contingent labor. In particular, independent contractors offer organizations highly-skilled expertise and the flexibility to grow and shrink their workforce as project needs arise. Most companies that engage independent contractors understand the…

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How to Write a Business Plan for Small Business: 8 Steps

There is a lot of planning and preparation required to start your own business. One of the most important steps of this process is creating a business plan. Below, we review eight steps to help you create a simple business plan as you begin your small business. 1. Outline Your Offerings Focus your initial business…

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