From Ideas to Impact: Demystifying the Open Innovation Journey

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Prospective clients often ask us to give examples of products directly resulting from our open innovation challenges. It’s natural to seek concrete examples of tangible products from these initiatives. It’s true that we have launched many open innovation challenges where a direct line can be drawn between a proposed solution and a new product or…

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MBO Partners Welcomes Neil Bryson as Chief Growth Officer

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ASHBURN, VA – March 27, 2024 – MBO Partners, a pioneering force in the future of work technology, is thrilled to announce the appointment of Neil Bryson as the company’s Chief Growth Officer. Bryson will lead MBO Partners through a transformative phase, focusing on digitizing services, enriching its talent-sourcing capabilities, and establishing vital industry partnerships. …

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4 Tools to Build a Successful Relationship with Clients

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Client relationships are the foundation of every successful small business. When you have a good connection with your clients, there is more opportunity for future work as well as valuable recommendations. While it is important to seek out clients who value and respect your work, the client-contractor relationship is a two-way street. Showing a genuine…

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