Going Global: 6 Factors to Consider


For independent professionals, building an international clientele is a great way to expand your business and broaden your expertise. However, there are several basic things to consider before beginning work with an international client that will help prevent minor glitches from turning into major problems. 1. Time Zones Working across time zones can pose challenges when trying…

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The Barbell Effect

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In an op-ed for Staffing Industry Analysts, CEO Gene Zaino discusses the “barbell effect”—a trend that is particularly apparent among the growing contingent workforce.

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When to Transition to Independent Consulting from a Full Time Job

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If you are considering quitting full-time employment for a career as an independent consultant, here are several key factors that can help you determine if (and when) this transition is right for you. 1. You are financially ready There’s no magic number needed to quit one’s job and make the leap to self-employment, but typically…

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