The Number of Digital Nomads Surged Again in 2021


The pandemic-driven seismic shift to remote led to continued strong growth in the number of American digital nomads in 2021. The 2021 State of Independence research study found that 15.5 million American workers currently describe themselves as digital nomads, increasing 42% from 2020 and 112% from the pre-pandemic year 2019 (click on the study chart below to…

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Independent Contractor Misclassification and Compliance News November 2021

misclassification and compliance news

As the independent workforce continues to grow, so do the issues of worker compliance and misclassification. It is important for enterprises to remain informed about the latest laws, regulations, and developments surrounding these topics. Each month, we’ll bring you the latest news stories from around the web. OHSA Suspends Implementation of Emergency Temporary Standard The…

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4 Ways to Find Independent Consulting Jobs

consultants working at desk

There are many ways to find consulting jobs, and the secret is just knowing where and how to look for them. When you work as an independent professional, one of the biggest benefits is having the flexibility to follow your passion and choose the type of work you do. However, being smart and efficient in…

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Using cryptocurrency as a digital nomad

When it comes to connecting the world transnationally, the internet is today’s undisputed hero. And in a post-pandemic reality, an increasing number of people are harnessing the power of information technology and embracing a nomadic way of working and living. Since 2019 there’s been a 112% rise in American professionals who currently work and live…

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5 Ways to Know if You Should Hire an Independent Contractor, Temp, or FTE

consultants working in office

The modern workforce can consist of a variety of talent and knowing when to hire an independent contractor vs a temp or a full time employee can impact how quickly work gets done and your bottom line. Businesses are increasingly relying on the independent workforce—the millions of Americans who work as contractors, consultants, freelancers, side-giggers,…

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