The Weekly Independent: November 4, 2019

By MBO Partners |

Updated Monday, November 4, 2019

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Being a successful independent contractor or a Client of Choice isn’t just about doing the best work or having the best perks. It also means staying one step ahead of the curve. That’s why each week we bring you The Weekly Independent, a quick-hit digest of news of note from around the web.

• Startups increasingly have job openings they can’t fill and are turning to independent contractors, says HR Dive.

• Independent contractor misclassification and compliance news from October.

• How CPAs are responding to the growing gig economy, from the Journal of Accountancy.

• Staffing Industry Analysts talks to Brian Snarzyk about the development of the PwC Talent exchange program.

• Uber, Lyft, and DoorDash aunched a $90 million campaign to overturn California’s AB 5 bill, reports Wired and Vox.

• How to effectively communicate with large clients.

• Radio Today UK explores how to prepare for Brexit if you are a British freelancer working in an EU country.

• Forbes looks at why self-employment is good for workers and the economy.

• Four strategies to become a successful freelancer from MarketWatch.

• Worker misclassification questions dominate the California legal landscape, says JD Supra.

• Macy’s $3.5 million driver misclassification lawsuit received a tentative green light from a California federal judge, Bloomberg Law reports.

• Tips for standing out to potential clients as a freelancer, from Forbes.

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