Networking Tips to Boost Small Business Growth

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As an independent business owner, who you know can be equally important as what you know. To ensure a steady flow of projects, it’s important to build and maintain a strong circle of business contacts you can rely on for work and referrals. Below, Denise Thomas, owner of The Effective Communication Coach, gives her advice…

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How Enterprises Can Benefit from Engaging an Executive Coach for their Workforce

Enterprises can realize several benefits from engaging an executive coach for their workers. An executive coach can provide support for employees at various levels and help them to establish clear professional and personal goals. While helping the individual worker, the fruits of working with an executive coach will trickle down to help the worker be…

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3 Things to Consider When Implementing a Direct Sourcing Strategy

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Direct sourcing enables access to and connection with top independent talent by facilitating a direct relationship between enterprise managers and independent workers. With a direct sourcing strategy in place, organizations no longer need to rely on a third party like a consulting firm or staffing company to fill talent needs. Direct sourcing methods will vary…

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How to Build Collaborative Teams of Independent Professionals

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Finding a way to grow as a small business owner can be a challenge. Teaming up with another independent professional is a great solution—a partnership can bring new skills to the table, help you manage your workload, or even land that big project you’ve had your eye on. Once you’ve decided to partner with another…

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Contractor or Employee: Determining the Right Worker Mix for Recruiters


The workforce of many companies today consist of a mix of full-time and contract workers. When considering whether your recruitment strategy should include independent contractors or employees, there are many rules and regulations to take into account as well as practical applications. Employees vs. Independent Contractors Employees work for a single employer, who can dictate…

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10 Valuable Skills Consultants Need to Succeed

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Keeping your skills and knowledge current is important to remain competitive as an independent professional. As the workforce landscape continues to evolve, your skills will need to do so as well. By forming these abilities now, you won’t be caught off guard by future needs and requests from clients. Here are 10 skills for the…

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Staff Spotlight: David Cho: Product Manager

David Cho

Learn more about David Cho, Product Manager, who helps MBO continue allowing our clients to do the work they love, the way they want, each and every day. Read our exclusive interview with David to learn more about how he remains true to himself and encourages everyone to give their all to the work they choose to do.

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10 Must-Have Marketing Tools for Small Business

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Marketing your business is an essential part in creating a brand identity, driving a steady flow of projects, and spreading the word about your services. As an independent professional, not only do you have to do great work, but you have to find it as well. Keeping your brand visible and relevant in the marketplace…

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