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Effective Communication in Your Direct Sourcing Program

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Independent Professional Workforce Defined

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Hiring Soft Skills for Future Success: Creativity 

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Decouple Innovation and the Workforce with Open Innovation 


Hiring Soft Skills for Future Success: Critical Thinking

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Retention Strategies for Independent Talent

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Life Goals: Exploring the Great Realization in Depth

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4 Benefits of Open Innovation for Enterprises in 2023

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Proposals, Resumes, and Interviews: Best Practices for Hiring Independent Contractors

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How Independent Contractors Can Boost Your Bottom Line in a Recession

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How to Write a Perfect Independent Contractor Job Posting

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3 Best Practices for Independent Contractor Engagement

Presenting to decision makers

Why and How to Build a Direct Sourcing Business Case 

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Artificial Intelligence for Contingent Labor: Benefits and Challenges


5 Traits of the Modern Independent Workforce

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3 Ways to Build an Agile Workforce with Contingent Talent

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How to Access, Engage, and Manage Your Independent Workforce