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Resources to help you scale and grow

Agile, forward-thinking enterprises know that engaging independent talent can help them reduce costs, minimize compliance risk and give them a competitive edge. We have been partnering with enterprises providing support and tools to manage independent talent for more than 20 years. We understand the value independent professionals bring and provide solutions so that you can reap these benefits and meet your business needs.

Useful resources to support engaging and managing independent professionals

MBO has a library of resources that you can access on topics ranging from how to direct source, engage, manage and re-engage talent. Here are a few resources you might find useful. Feel free to visit our Insights section or Blog for additional research and resources.


5 Ways to Build Strong Relationships with Contractors

Build positive, successful relationships with your independent workforce with these five tips.

3 Ways to Increase Contingent Worker Retention

Contingent workers offer enterprises many benefits including on-demand expertise, staffing flexibility, and better control over employment costs. Today, an increasing number of Americans are choosing to work independently for the many lifestyle and professional benefits it offers. At the same time, businesses are having a hard time finding the skilled professionals that they need. That’s…

4 Ways to Build a Talent Network

There are many different options for building a talent network, but before we dig in, let’s talk about quality, quantity, and size of your network. If you’ve ever posted an opening to a job board, then you’re aware of the quantity of responses you can receive to each posting. The administrative task of filtering through…

3 Cost Savings of Direct Sourcing

Our workforce ecosystem today is more diverse than ever before. Companies are increasingly shaping their workforce strategy around the expanding independent workforce, finding not only financial benefits, but also value in quick access to in-demand skills, staffing flexibility, and the ability to complete projects on-demand. Many forward-thinking organizations are relying on direct sourcing as a…

Find In-Demand Talent On-Demand

MBO’s marketplace gives you quick and easy access to skilled, experienced independent professionals. Find the right talent for your projects and stay in control of the engagement process.

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