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Successful freelancer

9 Growth Strategies for Your Small Business

Owning a small business means a seemingly endless number of tasks. From maintaining a pipeline of projects, running your back office, and drafting proposals, to holding client meetings and managing finances, the life of an independent professional is both busy and exciting. The continued growth and development of your business is an important goal to…

blog writer

5 Key Tips for Business Blog Writing

Creating your own blog is a great way to interact with potential clients and draw in leads. As you build trust with your audience, a blog can help to position you as an expert within your field. Building awareness, providing education, and showcasing your knowledge can all be great assets for your business. As you…

consultant working with others

4 Ways to Find Independent Consulting Jobs

There are many ways to find consulting jobs—the secret is just knowing where and how to look for them. When you work as an independent professional, one of the biggest benefits is having the flexibility to follow your passion and choose the type of work you do. However, being smart and efficient in the way…

net income

3 Tips for Presenting a Winning Business Proposal

Presenting a business proposal to a new client or executive can be an intimidating task. As an independent contractor, you are constantly on the grind, looking for new business development opportunities. Often, this road to new business will take you through the C-suite and require a business proposal presentation. Here are three tips to help…


3 Sales Tips for Consultants: How to Close the Deal

You’re an expert in your industry, so it should be easy to sell your services, right? Not necessarily. Just because you’re knowledgeable and produce excellent results, if you haven’t developed effective sales skills, you may struggle to close deals. The good news is that, if you lack these skills, there are many things you can…


Are You Ready to be Self Employed? Take the Quiz

Making the leap to self-employment is an exciting career and life change. As an independent contractor, you call the shots. It’s up to you to decide when, where, and how you work. But independent work comes with many new responsibilities as well. When you run your own business, it’s up to you to prepare contracts,…

Independent business owner planning for growth

Starting a Consulting Business: 5 Common Mistakes

Starting a consulting business and going independent is an exciting transition. It’s a chance to be your own boss, pursue projects you’re passionate about, and control when and where you work. At the same time, there’s bound to be mistakes involved when you begin a new business venture. By proactively learning about common mistakes and…

6 Consulting Frameworks for Small Business (Guide + Worksheets)

6 Consulting Frameworks for Small Business (Guide + Worksheets)

Understand six common businesss frameworks for consultants, self employed professionals, and contractors.


3 Benefits of Working with Big Clients as a Consultant

Why Consultants Work with Large Companies Big companies can afford to spend big money with small businesses, but pitching your services to a large enterprise can be daunting. However, if you know your market and have done your research, it is possible to refine your services to meet corporate demand. In fact, the number of…

consultant working

6 Things to Include in a Project SOW

Writing and delivering a Scope of Work (SOW) can at first seem like a daunting task. However, once you understand what goes into the various parts of the document, it becomes much more manageable and can be a useful tool to help you get organized before a project begins. A project Scope of Work is…


6 Actionable Ways to Stay Motivated When You’re Self Employed

When you are self-employed, you’ll quickly learn that putting in long hours without seeing immediate payoff is normal. But the pressure of doing it all yourself can be a lot, and it can be easy to lose steam. Find inspiration, keep on task throughout the day, and maintain focus on your goals by following these…


What is Net Salary: Definition and How to Calculate

Knowing how to calculate your net salary is important when it comes to managing finances as an independent contractor. If you’re considering starting a small business, you are probably encountering many new financial terms as you begin to set your bill rate and put systems in place for tracking your time and collecting invoices. Understanding…

phone showing growth line chart

How to Future-Proof Your Business by Anticipating Market Trends

Future-proofing your independent business is essential for survival and growth, particularly as an independent contractor. Anticipating market trends can mean the difference between a thriving and growing, and one that just makes enough to get by. Today’s market moves quickly, so being prepared for change can help you weather the storm when it comes. Here…

consultant working at desk

5 Ways to Find Your Ideal Client as a Small Business

Finding new clients isn’t easy, and if a new client doesn’t quite fit the profile of who you want to work with it can take away from enjoying your work. To grow your business with minimal headaches and frustration, it’s important to find clients who align well with both the way you work as well…

Independent Contractor Classification: How to Stay Compliant

Worker misclassification is a serious issue. While misclassification is not always intentional, it can be challenging to correctly abide by the many tests, laws, and guidelines that govern how workers are classified. Many enterprises are focused on maintaining current policies and practices to ensure compliance when engaging independent professionals. Why is Worker Misclassification a Big…

Unleash America 2024

3 Highlights from UNLEASH America 2024

UNLEASH America is one of the largest HR Tech conferences and tradeshows in the US. This innovative event spotlights forward-looking HR leaders and vendors as well as key trends in the HR Tech space. Members of the MBO team recently attended the 2024 conference and gained new insights into HR technology and the future of…

Planning with AI

Powering AI Adoption that Moves the Needle: Think Rebuild, Not Retrofit 

Generative AI and other AI technologies based on large language models have seen an explosion in adoption since end users first encountered them. The powerful abilities of these models have prompted a call for AI to be integrated into most areas of business operations. For some leaders and pundits, this could be the solution to…

happy consultants

Why Direct Sourcing Helps Manage Risk When Engaging Independent Talent

Direct sourcing as a strategy for talent acquisition comes with many benefits. Direct sourcing allows organizations to find highly qualified independent talent by using their own resources rather than relying on a third-party staffing agency or consulting firm. Direct sourcing can help enterprise managers reduce the time and cost of recruiting. Modern tools like online…


8 Ways Direct Sourcing Reduces Staffing Costs

Direct sourcing helps companies easily access and seamlessly connect with top independent talent while significantly reducing costs. With direct sourcing, managers can source talent internally, rather than relying on a third-party such as a consulting or staffing company to fill talent needs. Our workforce ecosystem today is more diverse than ever before. And companies are…

consultants at table

Top 5 Employee Misclassification Penalties to Avoid

Worker misclassification can result in fines, penalties, lawsuits, and reputation damage. Here’s what you need to know about misclassification and compliance.


4 Ways Independent Workers Ensure Market Agility

Agility refers to an organization’s ability to swiftly respond to market changes, customer demands, and emerging opportunities. To be agile, businesses need to be flexible, innovative, and able to adapt their operations to new circumstances. In today’s dynamic business landscape, agility is essential to survive and thrive. Why are Independent Contractors Important to Business Agility?…


3 Ways to Stay Compliant When Hiring Independent Contractors

Staying complaint when hiring independent contractors is a task many enterprises today face. More than 71 million Americans are currently working independently on a full- or part-time basis. This means that if you aren’t doing so already, you’ll likely be engaging some of this independent talent soon. But read carefully. That last sentence wasn’t an…

International workforce

Benefits and Challenges of Building an International Contingent Workforce

Expanding your contingent workforce internationally has become increasingly important for companies to maintain agility and competitiveness. However, as businesses expand their operations across borders, the complexities of managing this workforce internationally increase dramatically. The challenges can be daunting, from navigating diverse legal frameworks to cultural nuances. Nicole Cieslicki, a seasoned professional and the Senior Director…

consultants working together

What Is Direct Sourcing? How to Start Recruiting Top Talent

Direct sourcing is a process by which enterprises internally source independent talent rather than relying on a third party to find talent on their behalf. 3 Ways to Directly Source Talent There are three ways for companies to directly source talent that are more efficient, more cost-effective, and allow talent to get to work faster…


6 Best Practices to Follow When Hiring Freelancers

Including freelancers in a company’s workforce is a key part of a successful project-based work environment. Many organizations are moving to a a blended model of high-value freelancers along with full-time employees. Freelancers offer many benefits to your company. They support workforce flexibility and add skills that might not be present in your current workforce…

consultants in virtual meeting

5 Strategic Ways to Create a Scalable Independent Workforce Program

Though contingent labor has always been part of the workforce, at least to some extent, the Great Realization has spurred the engagement of contractors in larger numbers and in roles that were previously considered employee-only. Inclusion of contingent talent in a blended workforce is becoming the norm as corporations tap independent professionals to access critical…

Conflict resolution

How to Emphasize Soft Skills in Today’s Dynamic Market

Not long ago, enterprise talent acquisition focused exclusively on technical expertise—what we call “hard skills” today. Candidate selection was based on level of knowledge in their subject areas, and independent professionals stressed technical experience in their marketing activities. Soft skills—the behaviors and competencies that foster teamwork and collaborative results—were downplayed or ignored. Things have changed….


Three Ways Gen AI Can Help Manage Independent Talent

Managing independent contractors can be a tricky zone to navigate. You have to find a balance between giving them the support and feedback you need while maintaining a client-contractor relationship for compliance purposes. Unless it is specified in a contract, independent contractors have the right to choose when, where, and how they work. Over-supervising or…