Multinational Electronics Retailer Retains Top Talent by Offering Engagement Options

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An American multinational consumer electronics retailer was looking to save costs by transitioning their independent workforce to a payroll program. They decided to transition their service provider from MBO to a larger staffing firm that was equipped to handle payroll services exclusively. As the retailer attempted to transition their independent contractors, many were unhappy. They…

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Big 4 Consulting Firm Saves 17% with Direct Sourcing Strategy

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A Big 4 consulting firm was looking for a way to enhance their VMS functionality, obtain better access to the types of independent talent they needed, and reinforce compliance. They decided to part ways with their current engagement supplier, who was unable to follow through on numerous initial promises.By choosing MBO as their partner, the…

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Mid-Size American Bank Optimizes their Workforce through Direct Sourcing

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A mid-size American bank with locations across the United States was looking for a way to avoid costly markups and lengthy fill times from staffing firms and third-party suppliers. They also wanted to develop a compliance program for their independent workforce population. The bank chose to work with MBO Partners to build a compliance program…

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How Big 4 Consulting Firm Saved $250M through Direct Sourcing


In 2015, a Big 4 consulting firm declared that the world of work was changing. Together with executive leadership, the firm articulated a goal of shifting their workforce an optimized model which strategically mixed a percentage of full-time employees with defined populations of offshore and independent contract labor. Numerous factors came into play: by shifting…

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Healthcare Company Reduces Contractor Migration Timeline by 75%

healthcare workers

A managed healthcare company based in the Midwest was looking for a better way to streamline onboarding for independent workers. The healthcare company is involved in a large number of acquisitions, and they needed to get healthcare workers and doctors up and running quickly and without interruption as mergers complete.

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Fortune 500 Financial Services Provider Saves $5.2M Direct Sourcing Talent

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A Fortune 500 financial services company based in the Midwest was struggling to manage their contingent worker spend. Procurement was overseeing the entire process—from handling SOWs to vetting independent contractors. This presented not only an administrative burden but a legal risk as well. With a company-wide initiative of cost savings in mind, the organization was…

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